I hit 59 pounds in 4 months and lots of inches.

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By: Sundaelynn W.

Hit my 4 months mark my first goal. To loss 60 pounds. I tried this before and that's what I lost but then I messed up and gained it all plus some. Well I hit 59 pounds in 4 months and lots of inches. Now I'm going to go 2 more months not weighing hoping to hit 80 or more by my Birthday July 8th. Keep going it works but I realized the scale not good for us and weighing can through you off if you have a bad weight in even make you think this is not working why not go back to the way you did before. It even changes my mood. So scales back in closet for now. If your eating right sooner or later it will move. I used to be an every day weigher, knowing the ups and down would happen but it still affected my mood. So if you feel that way put that stupid scale far away and keep on ketoing.......

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