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By: Dr. Zana Hamad

I have watched almost all your videos ...and I started a strategy for weight loss which is mixing of : 1. Calories counting .....my base metabolic rate is 2700 Kcal , so I make sure that I never exceed 2000 Kcal ..most of the time 1500 Kcal 2. Intermittent fasting ......I eat only twice a day , lunch at 1:00 PM and Dinner at 08:00 PM and after 09:00 PM I never eat 3. Ketogenic diet ....I avoid as much as possible every kind of high glycemic index Carbs .....sugar , bread , rice , cola , juice . high calories fruits .....I eat mostly meat , chicken , tuna plus a lot of veggies 4. I eat daily a lot of lemon water plus apple vinegar .... I'm 50 years and I'm 180 cms, So with this system I started on 15 November and I was 96.5 Kgs and now after 1 month I'm 90 Kgs......I lost 6.5 Kgs which is almost 14 pounds , I already lost 1 size of all my clothes ....I was wearing 35 trouser ..now 33 , shirts I was L and now M .....Jackets I was wearing 52 and now 50 ....the most important thing beside my loss of weight is what I feel : 1. Much more active and very less feeling of lazy and sleepy 2. Less snoring , my wife witness that 3. Less nose congestion and use of decongestant ...( before I was Having 4-5 times of nose congestion ....now I put the drop only once 4. Much more focused and better attention in my work 5. Better Memory and Comprehension 6. Less feeling of hunger 7. My Systolic Blood Pressure is down with 20 mm and my diastolic with 10 mm I feel that I have scored a very good success for loosing 6.5 Kgs only in 1 month ....others spend 3 months to do that ...so i promised myself that I don't stop until I reach 80 Kgs which is my target I work hard to reach it by end of Feb. 2018 .... My biggest challenge for my keto diet system was to avoid Bread as I was a child I'm a bread lover ....I could avoid meat , sweets , rice but not bread ......I really make a big effort to control myself not to eat bread ....so I make 1-2 times a week violation to my system which I eat barley bread but very toasted into a burning degree ....and I felt that this does not destroy my Keto system Although I'm a MBCHB graduate of medical school and GP and I know almost these medical facts but you'v been really a very good pusher for me to go on Keto ....I like the ways you present your videos and lectures and you inspired me to change my body ....I really thank you for that and I started to advise all my family members , friends and relatives to follow Keto program Thankssssssssssssss Dr. Zana Hamad Global Medics

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