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By: Kevin Berlied

I have watched all your videos and learned so much. I started intermittent fasting June 14,2018 and lost 37 pounds by Aug 1,2018. I started at 212 lbs and now 175. I’m 5’10 inches tall. So great weight for me. I ate 1 meal a day. Fasted for 23 hours. I ate high fat low carbs little protein. My carbs were all from green vegetables. Protein from wild caught salmon and sardines and farm fresh eggs. . Fat from fish, eggs, olive oil and coconut oil. Also seeds and nuts were in my diet 3 times a week. Daily vitamin and milk thistle and magnesium and vitamin B ....everyday. I also lift weights at the gym 3 days a week. No I am just trying to maintain my current weight now.

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