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MARICELA Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto

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I have lost quite some pounds sence april,2018-tell now about 45pds in all in my las picture in july 17 I weighed 190 now I weigh 184 from size 18 Jean's to size 14/13 feels really good???? the one thing I wanted to know was why when I eat a little bit more calories in one day I gain one pound fast??..also sence I started in April like in may I started to noticed that I didn't go to the bathroom to do # 2 but just to go pee?.. no matter what I eaten I just pee?..now my sister in law started at the beginning of April doing exercise and her started weigh was 175 so tell now she still weighs the same shes tried portion control,keto,fasting she says it also can't be muscle shes gaining because she sees no difference eather and her weight is still the same..why can this be?? And what can she do to loose weight?..thankz

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