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I have lost nearly 30 pounds

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By: Ms. Brenner Dee Stiles

Hi Dr. Berg, Thank you, thank you, thank you for your channel. I've been extremely successful with intermittent fasting. I started this journey in February, and since then, I have lost nearly 30 pounds - it is May. I jumped into the 16/8 and got results within 3 weeks. I lost 10lbs. I went from 165lbs to 155lbs. I was so motivated by that, that I kept doing it. Then I introduced keto for a while, and would slip in and out of that, but have cut my sugar intake by 90% rocking the scale with more weight loss. I went from a size 10/12 to a 6. I love my life style and I'm FULL of energy at work. My coworkers think I'm weird, because I'm full of so much energy, I'm happy, my mood is GREAT, my concentration is phenomenal, as well as my memory with numbers - I'm an Account Executive - so I work with numbers and budgets all day. People even call me slim now, or skinny. I LOVE the new me. I don't really have to workout everyday day, maybe 3 days a week, my stomach is flat. This has changed my life so much, that I've got others in the office trying it out. I was determined to loose weight. I've even got my family doing it with the same success. I started taking your minerals as well, my hair is getting thicker, my nails are strong, and my skin is nicer. I'm so glad that I found out about this lifestyle. My story is a success story, and I'm sharing it daily with people even on Facebook. I literally have people calling me, texting me, and sending messages, asking about this method. I share it proudly, cause IT WORKS. Thank you again. It has been a blessing. Ignorance is never bliss. Brenner

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