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By: Brook Rogers

I have had random tingling at night over the past several years as I lay in bed. I spoke to my personal doctor about it and he said it was just anxiety related and not to worry about it. Then I listened to the interview Dr. Berg did with Dr. Mercola posted on Jan 19, 2019. Both Dr Berg and Dr Mercola talked about EMF radiation and it caused me to think about my home situation. I determined that I had all kinds of "wireless" activity from my electronics equipment in my house. Dr Mercola spoke about how bad these can be so I ordered an accurate and expensive EMF meter (EMFields Acousticom 2 - $174) and began measuring the EMF levels from my wifi router, my smart TV, my cell phone pings, bluetooth devices, microwave ovens, and all other electronic computer equipment. My house was loaded with high EMF levels! I changed my internet service to ethernet cable, turned my phones on airplane modes at night, turned wifi off on my smart tv, turned off bluetooth options, and got rid of a high EMF microwave oven. The EMF measurements went down drastically around my house and within one week, the tingling I felt at night was gone!!!!! It has been over a month now and I feel better all ready! I had always wondered why I felt a little low on energy and kinda blah around my house and determined that I'd had all those EMF emitting electronics for almost 5 years! I thought maybe something was wrong with my house because I often noticed that I felt better after being away from my house for the afternoon or for a few days but now I truly believe it was the EMF radiation that became a health issue for me. Because of the Jan 19, 2019 video Dr Berg posted with Dr Mercola, I feel much better, sleep better, and have more energy and a more positive feel around my house! Thank you Dr. Berg!!!!!!

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