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By: MinhDao Pham

I have followed your videos to lose 25 lb (177 to 152lb), probably much more since I've added quite a bit of lean muscle mass. I originally was 187 Janurary of 2016. I started from 193 (November 2015) to 177lb (October 2016) on a low calorie diet. I was constantly hungry. I followed your videos to go from 177 (October 2016) to 157 (Janurary 2017). I am now 152lb with much more muslces since Janurary 2017. I have adapted your videos for weightlifting and eating out, since I do not cook. I have inspired others and using your videos as a coaching tool. I find your videos are to the point, and makes immediate sense. Btw, I eat only once a day, and work out 1 hr and a half a week once a week, total body workout. I work out during my 24 hour fast. I do not find I lose any muscle mass at all!

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