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June Warta Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto

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By: June Warta

I have binged since age 14. Huge weight gains and losses. I'll be 56 in June. As a teenager I tried throwing up, diuretics, laxatives, exercise, overeaters unanimous and even illegal drugs such as "speed". All of this was out of desperation to stop the binging and all the affects of it. I've lost and gained thouasands of pounds. Most people don't really understand what I mean so here's an example just in the past few years: I lost 100 pounds in 2011 and then gained it all back plus more. In 2014 I lost 112 pounds and did a mini Triathlon. Again I groined it all back. In October 2017 I started Keto and today I'm 173 and still loosing. What is different? I starved for years but on keyo I love to eat and everything I eat is RICH and satisfying. I have not binged. There have been three instances where I was noting for more food and pecking this and that. During those three instances I chose pork rinds with blue cheese melted over them, bacon and melted cheese or other super satisfying treats I like. This diet changed. It only the scale but more importantly what I eat. Until keyo I had never had a price of chicken or a burger unless it was from a fast food drive through while binging. I didn't know I could eat meAts and eggs and cheese because in the Paz those were all no no foods that contained fat. In short, Keto has regulated my Fat Storing Hormone and continues to change my life. I watch Dr. Berg videos and educated myself. I feel free from my own addiction. Food was no different to me than the drug addict. It stole my life and my time. I lost opportunities and gave up much. I lost so much enjoyment from life as I continually struggled with an eating disorder (whatever you want to call it) . I'd like to call it years of confusion regarding how and what to eat. Everything I was told not to eat is now what I feed my body with. I thank my Heavenly Father for revealing this to me, Dr. Berg who continues to educate me and all of you out there who share a desire to be healthier. I am so very greatful.

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