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By: Meg Watson

I have been working up to OMAD gradually by beginning a long time ago (15 years) with gluten and dairy free, and was doing IF. Then a month or so ago, I got serious about keto and cleaned my cupboards!! At that time I lost about 5 lbs. Then I heard about OMAD and as soon as I began eating only one meal a day here’s what happened: I lost 5 pounds in the first week; my blood pressure dropped 20 points, and my GERD almost entirely went away. I am still detoxing after two weeks of OMAD, so it will be another couple of weeks before things settle down. I am a 75-year=old woman who has always been “healthy” in the sense that I’ve been able to do without medications, but I really needed to do something about my blood pressure and GERD. I don’t have any photos, but I can tell you I’m very happy with what is happening to my body.

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