Improvement with triglycerides - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto


By: JoAnn Cavazos

I have been watching your videos on keto and taking electrolyte powder.I have type 2 diabetes and was able to stop taknig metformin.My last lab results showed improvement with triglycerides improving 269 points cholesterol normal and first time ever normal liver HA1C has improved 1 point.I have lost only5 lbs( now 157? althought my fasting glucose needs to improved I have faith this will go down as well.i do notice I am very carb sensitive so I need to keep my carbs like lower than 30 .I want to Thank you for making electrolyte powder I was having muscle cramps after working out but not anymore.Thanks you-Dr.Berg I really am learning a lot from your "you tube "videos!!!You have a God given teaching ability.I thank God for you have made staying on keto a delight.God Bless you Abundantly.Mrs Cavazos

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