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By: Samantha

I have been on the 2 meal intermittent fast for a couple of weeks. 1st meal 11-12 2nd 4-6 or 7 latest if things crop up. If I work in the evening I'll have my second meal by 4.30 finishing it by 5.30. The four hour window is too short as I'm genuinely not hungry that quickly usually. I exercise on my bellicon trampoline as I have joint problems especially knees and ankles. I do intervals over about 20-25 minutes 5 days a week starting with mobility and stretch exercises. Monday, Wednesday and Friday I add my resistance exercises to this. I had a stroke scare, but Im sure I have Hemiplegic and Abdominal migraines. My consultant thought I had this but didn't use the tern, but then said it couldn't be because my symptoms were prolonged. However after digging on my own it is possible for symptoms to be prolonged lasting days, weeks or months or for some causing permanent damage. I threw away the statins and anti platelets he prescribed. I was wary that the fast might trigger my migraines more, bit to my surprise they've improved. They were hitting me like a freight train from nowhere and would catch me off guard which made me feel less comfortable doing stuff in public on my own and worrying about my ability to drive or work. Since the fast I still get them, but less often and the symptoms are more gradual. The intensity is less. Also I got a flower delivery with 4 small truffles that came with them. I don't buy chocolate as I'm not a great fan. I like ice lollies as they are refreshing. Never the ones with ice-cream, just the watery fruit ones. Not healthy, but I need something that removes sugar cravings and they work perfectly. The other treat I have once a week is homemade popcorn I get from the health food shop, which I make on the stove with a small sprinkle if xylitol. I never use sugar so it feels weird even using that stuff. Oh I do have 1 tea or Cappacino after dinner IF I feel like I need it to prevent further eating until the next day. I eat houmous and olives as a small side with my meals to ensure I eat enough fat to satisfy me. I noticed now when I eat chicken it does not fill me up. I've been eating lamb and pork with a big salad and sweet potatoes fries or swede fries in the oven. If I run out I have potatoe oven fries, but only occasionally. I am losing weight and I can't imagine not eating like this. I suffer from PMS and are oestrogen dominant so I want to buy that new book 'Cooking for Hormone Balance' to see if I can control my moods more. I have had PMDD also which is scary. I take a liquid Iron with B vitamins and vitamin C and nascent iodine daily which helps. When I've run out or not taken it properly that's when I had PMDD experience ms so I think those really help. The fast seems to fit in with my body. I can get hungry before 12, but I workout on an empty stomach and then eat. I prefer no new food in my system when I exercise. Thanks so much for your videos. They are excellent!!

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