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By: Chris Hill

I have been listening and implementing Dr. Berg’s eating strategies for the past 16 months non-stop, quite literally. While many may burn out and give up on his nutritional tips, every time I see a new video in my feed -full disclaimer-I tend get a little excited! He makes complicated info so easy to comprehend, which is much appreciated for us lay folk and comes across as a genuine dude, which is very important to a guy like me. I Initially found Dr. Berg while vehemently searching the web to fix my ongoing ulcer, heartburn and digestion problems. I spent a lot, let me reiterate, A TON of money and time (3+ years) working with local specialist to remedy the situation, but after numerous test (scope, ultra sound, H.pylori, stool, blood, etc.) and medications (Prilosec) - it remained unresolved!? This is precisely what led me to examine Dr. Berg’s information in depth and on a full time basis. It all started with videos on Heartburn, GERD, and Acid Reflux myths! His information was in direct opposition to my doctors instructions, but I was at my end, so I ran with it. The results didn’t come over night, but after a few short months of changing my eating habits and implementing some of the tools Dr. Berg suggested, my stomach issues were massively improved, if not completely resolved! I couldn’t believe it! The results drove me to continue on… Next was the webinars! These longer videos were jam packed with information and to be sure I had to watch them multiple times, while taking ample notes, to grasp all the data, but looking back I’m sure glad I did because it was the launching pad that has greatly assisted me to get where I am now - mentally and physically! Dr. Berg is so correct when he talks about “getting healthy to lose weight” is the secret, versus “losing weight to get healthy!” Today, as I sit and type this I am down 70 pounds! My blood pressure is normal again, after many years of it being high! My cholesterol has increased through following the LCHF eating plan, sure, but my particle sizes are in range, which is very important! Being informed about Ancel Keys and the science behind Keto has liberated my mind from the medical mainstream narrative that heart disease is solely connected to saturated fat intake! Further more, nutritional Ketosis has stabilized my blood sugar issues, supercharged my cognition, improved my energy, lowered the on going bodily inflammation I used to feel constantly and continues to heal my Fat Storing Hormone resistance, which is why I will be pressing on with Keto! Being able to pass on the knowledge I have received to family and others around me who are in need of help is very satisfying as well! All in all, Dr. Berg has been an excellent resource for me and can be for you too IF you research his research and genuinely pay attention to his advice. I’m sure there are many others out there like me who follow his video feeds, but remain silent. I wanted to take this opportunity to THANK Dr. Berg and his team for pumping out all the content they have and providing a solid hub of information to assist us out here who are searching like crazy for answers... Keep up the great work!

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