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By: Wendy Bixby

I have been gaining and losing the same 30 pounds for about 15 years now. I decided in 2017 to just stop this cycle of gaining weight, then going on some crazy 3-month program to lose it and then quitting because it was so grueling and unsustainable. In January 2018 I stumbled on my first Dr. Berg video and he spoke about Fat Storing Hormone, cortisol and estrogen. I was riveted, and also gob-smacked that none of my personal doctors had ever explained my hormones to me in this way. I must have binge watched him for 6 hours that day. Then I bought his book. I started eating Keto on February 18, 2018. I have no idea about my starting weight or current weight, since I threw my scale away before I started. I wanted this to be completely different than anything I had done before. I only took photos and measurements. Besides going Keto, ditching the scale was the best decision ever. It immediately refocuses you on what is important: how you FEEL. I have lost about 24 inches from my body in about 9 weeks and all my clothes are fitting so much better. I feel so calm, clear, happy and “even.” No more ups and downs, no more cravings. I have to admit, the first two weeks were a bit rocky for me. It was weird to eat this way, and I bought and made a lot of things that I thought I would like but didn’t (fat bombs, certain keto breads, etc.) So there was a lot of experimentation. I also was very fatigued and had two pounding migraines in the first week. But, I told myself I was changing my body at a cellular level, which I was. I got over the keto-flu hump and then just like that… it was so easy. I naturally started intermittent fasting about a month in; I just wasn’t hungry for dinner anymore. Now I eat in an 18/6 or 20/4 window usually- 11AM-ish to 5PM-ish. I only tracked macros for the first week to get the hang of things. Now I try to stay to about 20-30 g of carbs per day; but honestly the most important thing is the fasting. My diet consists mainly of eggs, grass fed beef, organic chicken, some cheese, a lot of huge, oily salads with ACV and avocado, vegetables smothered in Kerry Gold butter, iced coffees with full fat cream and stevia, and a daily nibble of some Lilly’s chocolate and a Bai drink (sweetened with stevia and erythritol.) It’s pretty simple. If I go out to eat I just order some meat and a vegetable and smother them both in butter. Easy peasy. I also take Dr. Berg’s Hair Formula, Estrogen Balance, Nutritional Yeast, and Trace Minerals. I started working out in the second month, but I really listened to Dr. Berg when he talked about adrenal fatigue and over-training. Before, I would work out 6 days a week, sometimes twice a day, just relentlessly pushing myself. I decided I would only work out twice a week for 30 minute each time. It’s so much more realistic and sustainable, and better for your adrenals. Normally, when I am 2-3 months into a new program, I’m getting ready to give up because it’s just so exhausting and stressful. But with Keto, it feels different. I’m a little over 2 months in and feel like I’m only getting started. It feels like an awakening.

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