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Maureen Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto

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By: Maureen

I have always struggled with my weight and at 60 was really starting to feel the accumulated stresses and inflammation on my body. Although not quite my highest (which was 237 in 2012) I still sported a 221 pound, 5'6" frame with little energy and not a very light mood. I knew I had issues with gluten and my blood sugar had been creeping up every year even with various supplements to help control it. After getting about 25 fire ant bites which sent me to Urgent Care with stupidly high blood pressure and heart pressure I decided this was dumb. My health issues were largely because of lifestyle choices. If I didn't get a handle on this now and fast, it would be an ugly "game over". I've been a "Berg-onian" (Dr. Berg fan) since 2009 when he was advocating kale shakes...I did many things right; green juice, high-quality supplements, fermented foods, but I never could quite get it all together and slogged around in this huge body trying to present a happy attitude. With the Urgent Care visit a real wake-up call, I scoured YouTube for my old buddy, Dr. Berg. He IS the blood sugar king after all and I knew my heart issues were caused by my blood sugar. Low and behold, he had refined his protocol to be the IF and OMAD regimen. It took me a few months to actually get to OMAD and IF as a routine, but I did adopt the keto foods right away. Layering on the 16-hour fasts and working my way up to 22 hours took a while, but I loved how clear-headed, energetic and never hungry I felt. By January it was pretty much a way of life and eating for me. Don't get me wrong, for me it wasn't fast and I wasn't perfect, but I kept at it. When I would stumble or get frustrated at those stubborn set-points, I would circle back to Dr. Berg's Facebook page and read, read read. The other thing I did was when I was frustrated, I would acknowledge that and layer on some extra self-care; a nap, an epsom salt bath, read a good book or put on some music from my youth and dance around the house when no-one was home. shhhh! don't tell anyone about the dancing! I have to say that the music has been a real mood lifter and motivator. In this "after" picture - which is really a "during" picture, I was cleaning my closet and looking longingly at my size 12 section wondering if I would ever make it to that group of clothes. My favoite jeans were there. hhhmmm. I wonder. Can I actually pour myself into them? I wonder how close I am to 12? Can I even get them u above my knees? Well, I'll be darned. The slid right on! Certainly, I couldn't zip them....ha! zipped right up. OK. OK, but no way can I sit in them zipped....ha! comfortable as can be! Oh, what a feeling! I am now down 40 pounds. I'd like to lose another 15-20 which at 5'6" would put me into the low 160s and maybe get me a visit to the size 10 section of the closet! My blood sugar still isn't where I would like it with morning reads in the 115s, so now I will keep on the Keto and IF, layer on some weight training and see where that takes me. I feel great and love this smart tribe! If I can do this at 60 and super busy, so can you. You don't have to be perfect, just keep going.

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