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By: Maria Yusuf

I have always been towards the higher weight, and I dont remember not using any of the known diets we know of. However, none was sustainable because of the monotony and repetition until I found something as ketogenic diet. This time before jumping on to it, I researched well, and found Dr. Berg on the internet all over. Oh! he started making all the sense to me, because everything he said not only made sense but was well researched. Over a period of time, not that I have learnt the keto mechanism well, but also have been able to help millions of people gain back their health, considering the non scale wins as well. Today, I am proud to say that I am a certified coach by Dr. eric Berg, and all my gratitude and thanks to Dr. Berg for making it possible for me. Its almost been a year and I have been able to lose a good 30 kgs and hate eating anything else but keto. My cravings have just vanished and I can go a very long time without food and feel full of energy. Keep inspiring Dr Berg

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