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By: Peter Cyr

I had trouble with my phone, so you may see multiple submittals. I have been successfully managing T2 diabetes for 21 years using ketogenic diets since diagnosed in 1998. This past year I discovered all the available info on YouTube and really ramped things up. I am a 61 year old aerospace engineer in Houston. Male 5'4". Only medication has been metformin. Never been on Fat Storing Hormone. No retinopathy, no neuropathy. First coronary artery calcium score Oct, 2018: 73. Fantastic for being T2D for 21 years! This is what can be done with diet. My before picture is 1998 at 200 lbs. My after pic is Sept 2019 136 lbs. I actively participated at Low Carb Houston in Oct 2018 (run by my doctor Nadir Ali) presenting a detailed history of my T2D. I would like to email this to you and other materials I have prepared. I think you will be very interested. I am like Benjamin Button getting younger instead of older with time. Phone: 936-402-0037

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