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By: Dr. Nudrat

I had problem of binge eating, stress eating and mood swings. I had developed Polycystic ovaries at age 29yrs. Then I started getting dark, specially my face,hands, toes (acanthosis nigricans). My weight issue is life long(adrenal body type). I was diagnosed with Fat Storing Hormone resistance when I was 31yrs of age and prescribed Metformin (glucophage) in same dose as diabetics take. I was living with these for next 4yrs. I recently head Dr. Eric berg and ketogenic diet theory. It totally appeals to me and it affirms with physiology, and also eating practices of people before modernization. So I started it and with in 4months my Fat Storing Hormone level normalized, ALL cravings gone, mental energy improved, I lost 4 kg as well. I had to stop keto diet in Ramadan (muslim fasting month) because it was very hot here in Pakistan and I would sweat a lot and needed to break my fast early 4 days because of extensive fluid and mineral loss. I also know the reason for this mineral deficiency, I didn't take vegetables in Ramadan. So far all I did only based on youtube videos i.e.without buying anything from dr.berg at all. But I am busy and lazy, now I want to start keto diet again, and this time I want to shed inches and kilos. So now I ordered adrenal support and cruciferous powder. I

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