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By: Jenna Jenks

I had gotten up to 237lbs after two children. My youngest was going on three, and I knew something had to give because I had completely given up on weight loss. Oct 21st 2016 I was tired of avoiding the mirror due to the shame I felt to even look at myself. Things needed to change! I started working out every day; (100 minutes on the treadmill, 25 minutes of strength training) I held myself to a cumulative account that any day I missed was a day I had to make up. You see, I needed this regimen to keep myself in check (so I would not 'skip' days by making myself accountable for missed days meaning I had to do double the next day!) I worked out hard, but by April 2nd 2017 I'd only lost down to 221lbs. I don't discredit the exercise I did because I needed to get in shape too, and I was feeling better about myself for the weight loss I had managed, but the pounds were not shedding fast enough! Both my husband and I wished to lose weight, and it was he that discovered intermittent fasting. We started fasting with the 20 and 4 window and within the 1st week, I had dropped 6lbs! I was excited and rejuvenated to see such fast results! The next week was around the same loss, and by the end of the month, I'd shed close to 20lbs! The next two months I saw a loss of around 15lbs a month, and by the 4th month the loss had started to even out to an average of about 2lbs a week, and I remained consistently losing as long as I avoided alcohol, desserts, or bread products. (Of course no one wants to eat a salad at a wedding am I right?!) Some days, like holidays, vacations, or other celebratory occasions, (or when I want to have a night out at the movies!) I will break my fasting window and or eat horribly because I STILL am an epicurean, and I love fine dining! On the weeks I step outside of my diet restrictions, (which I have eliminated pasta, rice, potatoes, and bread for the most part) I fast a full day and return to my regularly scheduled eating window the next day to balance out my body and maintain my weight. Four times a year I do a five day long fast (every 3 months) just to expel toxins and let my digestive track take a rest. Autophagy is an amazing remedy for so many ailments! I have coworkers who have seen the dramatic weight loss I've had ask me constantly about my 'secret' and I do my best now to spread the knowledge of what I've learned to others in the hopes it can help transform their lives as well. Oh, I'm currently rocking at 134lbs (That's a 103lbs lost! =D)

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