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By: Richard a Robinson

I had checked into the hospital June 8,2018 witn atrial fibulation & stage 3 heart failure. It was my wake up call. to stop the abuse of my body and learn a new life style of eating healthy. My Employer had mention that he and his wife had made a change that works well and it's enjoyable calley intermitting fasting by Erich Burg. I went from never being on any med to being on several . After reviewing your videos I started the 3 meal no snack fasting . I'm about to move on to the 2 meal. It's going well and will keep yu posted on my weight loss . So far have gone from 42 waist to 38 and burned about 25 I lbs fat and alot of excess water. I hope to soon get my heart beat corrected and find my correct medications so I can finds my weight point to achieve in the near future. Thank you for the informative videos.

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