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I got my dream body shape

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By: Chen L.

Hi Dr.Berg, I am just a 22 years old normal student of University from Taiwan. I was so unhealthy and feel lost before i watched your videos on youtube. When i first heard about the ketogenic diet I was like "What the heck? 70%of fat you kidding me? Will it kills me?" After your explains and information, i start my one month keto journey since August of 2017 to September of 2017 and my body went CRAZY. I do exercise a lot but being in ketosis really help me stay positive and burn fat faster as i can. Before ketogenic diet i was in a normal diet and have the same amount of excercise but it just not that effective! As a result, my body weight goes from 77 to 68.6 and my body fat percentage goes from 19.1 to 7.6!!! I got my dream body shape!!! Check out my body transformation video on: https://youtu.be/A0_ReW4v9yM

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