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By: Brandon Cofrancesco

I found out about Dr. Berg back in 2016. In 2015, I enrolled in a community college personal training course, because I wanted to help people be healthy. I've always been stalky, and very strong, but overweight, especially for someone 5ft tall, like myself. I weighed 190lbs at my heaviest. Thanks to Dr. Berg and his videos on youtube, I watched countless videos where it seemed as if he was directly speaking to me. I paid for his Health Coach Certification program, and completed it fairly quickly. My intenton was to open my own business, which i did, but found it hard finding people that actually want to be healthy and pay for it! Most wouldn't give up alcohol, or soda, or pizza, to literally save their life, and they were my friends! So i had to show how it works by using myself as my client. I lost my Father in 2009 and age 50, from a heart attack. I got married had my daughter the next year, and that before picture is from roughly 2014. The after photo is from 2016, after my divorce. Thank you Dr. Berg

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