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By: Richard Hayman

I found Dr. Berg online about a month before Thanksgiving. At that time I was hovering around 172 Lbs. I was diagnosed 20 years ago type II. And have a whole mess of other symptoms to go along with it. (Body stiffness, onset of arthritis, inflammation, frequent constipation, G,E,R,D,) The GERD is what finally got me of my butt and search out a fix for this. I'm not much for the use of traditional (government trained) doctors, and there remedies. the only use I have for them is Diagnosis.... Anyway I got into the videos you are releasing and found the ones that pertained to my symptoms. Bought your products and started using them, along with the techniques,( not the Keto ) the day after Thanksgiving. In between then and now went to get lab work done to get a base line at that time i was down to 162 Lbs. and at this time according to my scale 155 Lbs. The G E R D is gone, and a lot of the other symptoms have mellowed out also. I'll keep going I think were on the right track. Thanks. Sorry no pics.

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