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Damon DelPilar Sr Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto


By: Damon DelPilar Sr

I dont have before and after pictures, but let's just say what has transpired in the last 9 weeks. I was fortunate even blessed to stumble across Dr bergs videos on YouTube. I think I was dying. I needed a change quickly. I started keto and dropped 35 lbs . From 237. I was a functioning alcoholic working out 5 days a week(adrenal fatigue, liver type, pop belly, anger issues, stressed. It was bad now that I look back not so long ago.. I havent had a drink since. Almost perfect keto these days..i feel and look great. It took me awhile to realize I suffer from adrenal fatigue. I took the adrenal formula today and 10 min later, it was like I woke up and thats when I new I had a problem, even after losing the weight. I attribute Dr bergs videos and supplements and Gods blessings for coming this far. Thank you Dr Berg and Family

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