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By: Asha pal

I did lots of experiments on my body to lose weight. Then I started watching YouTube videos about the keto diet and then I got interested, but after someday, I failed to follow that diet because it's not an Indian food-friendly diet. But I started cutting carbs from my diet and added exercise. Before keto, my weight was 78kg, and then I lost 5kg in 45days. Then I started watching your video on keto and Intermittent Fasting then I switched to Intermittent Fasting for 16hrs fasting. 2 pm to 10 pm. It's doesn't make much difference as I started taking daal and vegetables which was with carbs. And I lost 4kg more without exercise. Then I saw your video about one day a meal as I am working and don't have time to eat on time so I switched to one day a meal. But my time to eat is between 9 pm to 10 pm. I am eating a one-pot meal that includes carbs, protein, fiber. Like oats, rice some amt, vegetables, Lenten, eggs. Ghee, no junk foods, no sugar in 20days I lost 6kg and good inches loss. I just want to ask questions like now I am continuing OMAD then can I eat a combination of carbs and protein as I am not doing any exercise for the last 20days due to weakness. And hungry by 9 pm. I am used to having daals and oats so shall I continue or u can suggest to me some better techniques to have Indian food. Once in a day. Thank you, Regards Asha.

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