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Chris Child Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto


By: Chris Child

I began this Keto lifestyle and listening to your podcasts for advice about the middle of December 2017. On December 28th I began making adjustments to my eating habits and lifestyle to start following your advice. When I began I was 248lbs, that is the heaviest I ever saw myself and last night I stepped on the scale and it topped out at 192lbs. I'm still committed to the Keto lifestyle and I love listening to your podcasts. I am no longer trying to lose weight however I will only live the Keto life and we will see where my weight balances out on it's own, seems like every week I'm a pound or so lighter. I purchased your meal replacement shake with MCT's and BCAA's and love it I need to try some of your other supplements as well. Thank you Dr. Berg, Please keep up the pod casts I need your encouragement and knowledge, I am a committed follower and am excited to continue to see the changes in myself as we go thru this life change together.

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