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By: Lori Nelson-Board

I began my keto journey almost 17 months ago after my daughter got engaged. Lots of photos were taken and I was shocked and disgusted at my current physical state. I had no idea I had gained so much weight. Secondarily, I was scheduled for a cruise only a few months later and new I had to do some thing! I began getting depressed because my clothes were getting tighter and tighter. By happenstance, one of my friends posted on Facebook about how much weight she has lost over it just a short period of time. When I found out it was the ketogenic diet, I jumped on full board. I lost 20 pounds over Two months. My clothes are looser, I had more energy, and I could not believe the amazing way I felt. Over the last 16 months I have lost 48 pounds. The only downside, if you can consider it a downside, is that I had to replenish my entire wardrobe. From a health standpoint, my blood pressure is completely normal now where it had been moderately high. My triglycerides have dropped from 230 to 93. At my last physical, my doctor was very pleased with my physical appearance and after checking my age again on his computer his response was, “excellent!” I now have my own strict keto Facebook page to help others understand and participate in this amazing journey. I also have to give you, Dr. Berg, tons of credit for your wonderful videos and encouragement. I share them regularly on my Facebook Group. (PS, I’m turning 60 July 11th 2020 and can’t wait to celebrate this new phase of my life!)

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