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Douglas Meyer Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto

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By: Douglas Meyer

I began my journey in 2010 when I realized I could not keep up with my four boys, two of which are on the autism spectrum and required much attention. I began a Paleo diet, much of the time, but did not achieve full success until going Nutritional Ketogenic in January 2018, combined with intermittent fasting. After only three months, I reach my goal and then some. I honestly began researching Ketosis after hearing a friend speak about it, but having a diabetic son and growing up with a diabetic brother through the early 1980s, I had known that ketoacidosis was deadly. In addition, I have spent the last 20 years working in a level one trauma center and have dealt with the effects of keto acidosis. I begin researching nutrition and nutritional ketosis while finishing up my counseling degree at Liberty University. To my surprise, I found much of the research to show positive aspects of going nutritional ketosis, which I and my family have done. The effects on my 16-year-old type one diabetic son have been profound. In addition, a second son who tested positive for proteins and failed a glucose test is now completely controlled through low-carb eating. Upon graduating early this year, I decided to switch from primarily a marriage and family counseling background to counseling more holistic in a sense of overall health and wellness, which still includes marriage and family among other interpersonal relationships. Beginning my journey at approximately 250 pounds, I am happy to be at 158 pounds currently. Approximately 50 pounds since January 2018 due to a nutritional ketogenic lifestyle (not diet) and intermittent fasting. Still employed at a level one trauma center, it is my hopes and aspirations to work myself out of a job as I continue to help others get away from the science of Western medicine, primarily pharmaceuticals and Band-Aids, and return to a healthier more holistic way of healing and being healthy.

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