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By: Karen cloud

I been on this about 3 months lost 10 lbs And lots of inches . I am stalled , doing the fasting eat about 2 and try no supper but at 10 I’m hungery . I am a rn and worked Nights so I’m sure that my promblem. Having leg cramps and lower muscle pain . I no I need supplement . I also drink a big glass of wine but I was stuck before this , I like cream cheese with peanut butter a little dark chocolate and nut bombs are these two thing stopping my wt loss. I eat 1500 calories less than 20 carbs the right amount of fats but I suck at protien . And I also have keto coffee with mct oil heavy cream and butter about 2cups and I usually sip on it when I’m hungery. So why am I stuck. Karen cloud

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