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By: Luis

I am often watch your videos and facinate with the power of fasting, I start April 6 with a challenge in my restaurant with couple cooks ,who loose more pounds in a month, after a month I was loose 25 pounds winning the challenge, eating once a day, no necessarily keto just cut carbs and sugars, but not crazy and gym every day. Now Jun 1 loose 35 lbs .I start with 285 lbs and now 250.6 lbs. I starting to navigate in fast for 2 days but just eat a keto shake at night if I hungry.The gym make me strong and I feel amazing specially because in less than 2 months I carry less 35 lbs. I have control of what I eat and when better than ever. When I hungy I drink almond milk unsweet and Pellegrino water with lemon all the time, I don't drink coffee, no smoke, no drink, no gums, quit of sodas even diet ones. Honestly I don't do and I believe I don't do keto diet just use keto tools to lower my sugar intake. I am 53 years and 6.0 tall, looking to reach 235 lbs but no to crazy about because I realized the way I eat and do exercise right now I will reach soon. I go from 42 pants to 36 and 2 xl shirts to XL or L depends brands.Like I said your videos are really helpful.... thanks so much for your help, I also watch other doctors and trainers who follow the same principies.I am really don't do keto because the most ingredients off food of keto diet I really hate ????. I don't like cucumbers, celery, broccoli and vegetables in general, even avocado I tried to mix with mayo and other stuff but I can't....prefer enjoy my only meal a day with things I like, do some changes and fast the rest of the day. I am love ice cream and I exchange for strawberries frozen and heavy wipe cream and now I even need the wipe cream just eat the frozen strawberries like snacks. I make icecream with ice cream frozen and heavy cream, . Basically my meals are Wild rice( live rice) with mayo( love mayo), is better than white rice????, steak , Argentinian chorizo, and 2 fry eggs with 2 tosted bread ( cannot eat my meal without bread but I eat less I can. I just try to explain how I did. I have diabetes and my numbers are awesome now, even my diabetes is not to severe. I have High presure also who show numbers like never before.My ankles no swelling no more. My next doctor visit is July 4 ,he really will be impressed with my improvement speacially because he don't know what I doing.I just ask him to he prescribed me a Phentermine to help to make my day easier with eating less food and in my case is a really good tool to help me to navigate to this without suffer but I realized I not need to use every day now. Now I trying to do more time fasting to see the effects of the grow hormone you said will be I expected. I try to sleep more but I have no really to much time to do that but I see I loose more when I sleep right. Thanks for your help. I live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I am not really in mood to take pictures of myself when I was 285lbs not happy with myself I put one I screenshot for my restaurant video camera when we start the challenge on April 6 and the other was a few days ago.Now I more into selfies because I am really happy with myself now. This only a way of says thanks and in some way to show my experience and how I did and maybe help you maybe not in your amazing work .

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