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By: Rusty Hill

I am now 61 years old and saw many friends including my wife die from sugar and alcohol addiction in may different forms. I knew 25 years ago this was an issue but until I started watching your videos about a year ago I was still lost and my perfect health was going down. My hypothyroid condition forced me to look further into it all. I freaked out because the weight gain that started with me 18 months ago was the signal that started the death spiral of my friends who died. I started the keto and today I am eating 2 meals a day one at 3 to 4pm and the other at 9 to 10pm. Twice a week I am going 24 hours without eating. It is all very easy now most of the side affects are gone and I am never hungry. I have lost 15 kilos and have about .5 or so to go. I am feeling better than I have in years!!! I just watched your how does fasting work video and now I am excited to start doing some longer fasting breaks. This will also make my traveling much easier because now I can go all day any day without eating. I don't have any photos right now but I intend to make some look at me no I am not 40 years old I am 60+ photos in the near future. My new wife says I have some old photos where I have a protruding stomach so I will look for them and add them to the look at me now collection when get that next change. Thank you for being an honest doctor who actually helps people take control of their health. Regards, Rusty

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