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By: Vamsi Krishna Padala

I am normal working engineer from india who knows nothing about food while i am in india i am not this fat once i moved to middle east for job purpose i gain weight like hell all i used to do is just follow my doctor's instructions I used to be 90kgs i have tried many things like joining gym, cutting on cholesterol and fats eating more carbs none of them worked for me. Unfortunately i met with an accident and broke my leg this completely changed my view on food. i was just browsing youtube there's a guy " Veeramachineni Ramakrishna " who is educating people about the facts of food and drug industry and keto diet but he is not a doctor but his voice sounds pretty confident. then i started for searching about this keto diet where i found a doctor is endorsing this he is DR. P.V.Satyanarayana very famous Cardio surgeon in india. so i decided to start. At first faced a lot problems like diarrhea , vomits, headaches e.t.c above that i am on bed with my leg fractured so everyone around me forced me to stop it. but somewhere deep down i still feel its something that may work for me then i started searching more about it and found DR. Eric Berg's channel almost for 3 days i was doing nothing but watching Dr. bergs videos. Now again i collected my confidence convinced my parents and started again this time i faced similar problems but i know these are not problems but symptoms. Here i am after 3 months i lost 23kgs i lost fat in my waist in fact i have to replace all my cloths. this makes me so happy and confident. thank you Dr. berg for doing such a noble thing. hope you continue this for more long time.

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