I am losing 1.7 lbs each week

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By: C. C., Northern Virginia

For many years, I either gained or lost weight, never maintained. My weight has swung up to 70 pounds overweight at times. Dr. Berg’s information changed my attitude about health and eating. Before the program, I felt sluggish and cranky, had restless sleeping, had joint pain, craved chocolate and sweets, was out of breath going up stairs, was hungry all the time, and had dark circles under my eyes. I have the adrenal body type. The results have been spectacular. Now, I’m consistently losing between 1.5 and 1.7 pounds every week—no fail. I have lost 37 pounds. But I’m healthy at the same time. I have enormous energy, feel great, sleep deeply, and have no cravings. I’m also pain free and people have been complimenting me on my clear skin.. I think the key to this program is not just what to do but how and why.

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