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Andrea j Owens Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto


By: Andrea j Owens

I am in the process & 2 weeks into the high fat / low no carb diet , I have for the last 3 years been studying the body from evolution & what feeds what , what makes what work & so on after I learnt & became unwell after treatment via a drug for endometriosis, I had been diagnosed 4 years before also of PCOS , but since the drug in 2016 , have not only gained 3 stone, have b12/ vit d deficiency, Gerds , left ventricular hypotrophy , had gallbladder removed due to stones, low immune system, low levels of cortisol of 45 @ 9 am , I just could not make this up, to look at my 5 ft 4 inch frame was over 17 stone would think who has ate all Cales & pies, except poor appetite, portage for breakfast fruit for lunch & a small meal for tea, do not drink , smoke , swear !! Yer ok fabricate the last one , but all this would make a saint swear !! So finding your footage 2 wks ago & all you highlighted just backs all I read & researcher on my hornet , & more so as my 2 daughters have pcos & endo, my eldest has same drug & also vit b12 & vit d deficiency, low immune system also has a pituitary adenoma , so discovered should not of been given the drug that was created for prostate cancer in last stages , giving it impacts on the metabolic system & to find the complications of this, my late mum had bowl cancer & 8 yrs later diagnosed with ovarian cancer that she passed with & my maternal aunts breast / endometrial & my dad pancreatic cancer 2 yrs ago,. I am 50 just & my eldest is 31 & youngest is 26, we are in Liverpool uk , but I truly wished when I found you, that if on the same side of the pond would of come with daughters to see you & have a proper support programme , but as we are not I have watched quite a few of your clips & I have also purchased 2 of your books , along with some keto diet books etc , so two wks in I have lost 6 inches from my waist & have lost 8 ponds , I’ve got my hubby on it also, replaced all food with organic , removed any sugar / processed / carbs ie in white bread / rice / pasta / have gone for wild fish / grass fed meat , but more on the fish , for protein , have the pancakes with almond / coconut flour, almond milk & smoothies from breakfast , fruit in afternoon & high protein , with veg/ salad for evening meal , & I have organic full fat milk in my 1 cup of tea with evening meal , I has eaten purchased a breadmaker for gluten free / wholemeal bread , which is more for family, a soup maker making high protein / natural carb soups , & a ice cream maker to have a go at making that giving the summer is coming, although our summer in the uk is similar to our winters ???????????? , but I wish to thank you, as you are the first person I’ve come across who makes perfect sense & for all I have read & time it’s taken me to figure things out , it’s been we’re having you been hiding, as sadly here due to that word I hate to here when I ask well why is all this happening to my body , because of the Matties of the beast & aggressive approach of the alleged hormonal drug that’s brought all these symptoms, that western drs give labels of conditions , I just get its complexed !! Rather than in fact it’s this thing called !! Metabolic dysfunction , because then would have to admitted that the drug has increased all the issues given its known to impact on the metabolic system & switch off crucial hormones needed to function, so just places a strain on other hormones in that linking system, so in there heads were is blame !! You got it there is a claim !!! But only wealth I wish in life is my health back & my figure a bonus , as that is my only gain I desire & hence using my social work / substance miss-use coinciding back ground for study’s & research , why I have gone through every book out there from science: biology to supplements to now nutrition which is the last tools in my maintain experience box, more so now that I have been placed on hydrocortisone medication for the 2nd time in 2 years, but has never gone to the lowest 46 @ 9 am when I know should of been 700 that time of a morning , & after 6 days on the drug was still only 99 @ 9am, so something is very wrong & been ref back to a endocrinologist I’ve this issue , so I live in hope with your guidance now to go forward & reverse the symptoms , remove the label & drugs before my body becomes to used to them & stops making natural hormones , & given 2 wks on the keto as stated above, & weight & waist decrease , then I am hopeful for ones , that I will get my mojo back, I did get 10 months grace back in 2017 , from the supplements I took but did not do the keto I was also doing Cryotheraphy, but told when diagnosed with issue on heart had to stop & come a year march gone I suffered with pneumonia & my king collapsed & had it over Christmas again & ongojg kidney & bladder infections , I just could not make this up !! & would not wish on my worst enemies, any other advice you could give me I would truly be grateful , I can only show pictures of before the drug/ weigh & now , as went from a beach babe to a beach blow up bed with hands & feet !! But I will when I get to that point will post the now & then , & look forward to great health & the waist a bonus so a massive thank you for making the transition easy , & welcome any other advice can give , like should I continue with the supplements along side nutrition/ herbs/ spices ? & should I go on the yeast you suggested ? I’ve stsrted in the seaweed/ moss & chia seeds in morning smoothies , so owt else you can advice be grateful , Kind regards from A women Desperate to turn things around

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