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By: Daniel P

I am extremely grateful to Dr Berg and to all his so informative videos. The amount of helpful tips I gathered from watching his videos is priceless. I was never obese, but I always had an extra 20% weight on my body (Adrenal body type), and no matter what I tried, I could never lose weight. I tried many Low Fat diets, I even exercised 1 hour every day, nothing seemed to work. I started watching Dr Berg's videos and he made everything so simple and easy to understand that I decided to try the Keto diet. I also tried IF and HIIT. I am so pleased with the results, no only about the weight lost (I have lost 22 lbs/10kg in 2 months), but more importantly the overall mental state. My memory has improved so much it is almost annoying (I can remember things I don't even know I have ever seen or noticed), my mind is so sharp and alert, always focused. I eat once a day, in the morning, and I am never hungry, no cravings of any sort and I have a lot more energy than usual. I realized how important it is to understand what it is happening inside our bodies, to be conscious about our choices and to understand that we are what we eat, and food to our bodies is not only nutrition, but also information. I wish every person out there would try the Keto diet at least once in their lifetime. I believe Keto is more than just a diet, to me it feels like a serious, more balanced lifestyle, extremely healthy and essential for a wholesome and sound body. Many thanks for your help Dr Berg, I shall always be grateful!

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