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Wayne Thomas Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto


By: Wayne Thomas

I am diabetic and have been for around 12 years. I am currently 45 years of age. This time last year I was injecting 50units of Fat Storing Hormone daily. I was not feeling well and had not been well for 18months prior to this period. My bloods at the time indicated to my endo that I was showing signs of kidney disease. After an ultrasound (which showed one kidney to be 10centimeters smaller than the other) and a visit to a nephrologist the dignosis was not positive. I had stage 3 kidney disease and my cumulative kidney function was 47%. The doctors were telling me I would most probably have to go onto dialysis and a multitude of medications for blood pressure, cholesterol and kidney medication. Being a very fit individual who trains 7 days a week I was devastated to receive this news. I did not want to pursue the madication route and was determined to make a change. I started working with a blood analyst, homeopath and you. I took myself off red meat and all animal fats. I also started intermittant fasting. In 6 months I lost another 6kgs, my cumclative kidney function improved to 89%, All of the uric acid disappeared from my blood and I started to feel much improved. I am now only using 10units of Fat Storing Hormone daily (a massive improvement) and I am hpong to eventually get off the Fat Storing Hormone. The guidance that you have given me through your youtube videos has been invaluable and I am sure that you have had a major contribution in my life being turned around. Thankyou.

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