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Muhammad Asif Jalil Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto


By: Muhammad Asif Jalil

I am an engineer, 47 years old, height 5-10”, and was weighing 106 kgs, living in Saudi Arabia. Based on Annual medical chekup done in March 2018, doctor told me that I have high Fat Storing Hormone resistance, and I am pre-diabatic, and should resuce some serious weight to avoid being diabatic. I used to eat three times a day, eating lots of rice, bread, meat, pizza, fast food, ice cream, choclates. I had no idea what Fat Storing Hormone resistance means? One day, while searching for the meaning of Fat Storing Hormone resistance, I came accross Dr. Berg videos, and 1st time in my life started to know that what I had been doing to my health all years long. My family members, friends, used to tell me that it is impossible you can lose weight. I had been trying by doing gym, but no effect. Only by learning from Dr. Berg , I completely changed my eating habits. I did intermittent fasting with 8 hrs eating window, with 1.5 hrs resistive exercise 5 days/week, eating breakfast at 1000 hrs, and lunch at 1400 hrs. I was eating nothing but, eggs,Milk, coconut oil, olive oil, Apple Vineger, lemon water, raw and cooked vegetables, raw garlic, onions, fish, and low/medium glycemic fruits. I stopped all types of sugars, starch, carbohydrates. In August 2018, I was weighing 90 kgs. Today, I am weighing 87 kgs. New eating style has become my habit, I do not have any cravings to eat more and junk as in the past. I fee more healthy and feel good when people see me with surprise. I had to buy new trousers, as my waist line reduced from 39” to 35”. Thanks to Dr. Berg for the awareness he has created among millions of people. Thanks Asif

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