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By: Alexis J Rosa Rivera

I am a software developer from Puerto Rico 35 years old, started diet in November 6 2017, I weighted 229 lbs now i am 175. Started diet doing calorie counting and some low carb, I wasn't eating refined sugars but was consuming fruit (grapefruit), cereal (cheerios) and pasta no fasting. I was eating cheerios because i read somewhere they were healthy. I was doing exercise 1 hour in the morning (treadmill) and 1 in the afternoon (basketball just hoops alone low intensity). The first month I lost about 5-7 pounds but after that I wasn't loosing much. I started searching on the youtube keto success stories in fat loss and found videos from Logan Sneed, I dont have cancer but his story really made a huge impact on me. Then started to search about Keto and it made sense. After taking many different advises I found your videos with more science and details, also learned more about fasting. I started monitoring my glucose levels to see which foods generated glucose spikes and started avoiding them. In March I was 195lbs without doing that much exercise I was just doing 45 mins of basketball and some general exercises. I was doing 2 meals a day. In April I started OMEAD, more fats and integrated T25 workouts from Shaun T and by June I went down to 175. Since June I have been a little careless, there were many birthdays including mine, beer and carbs, I still do 1 or 2 meals a day and no snacks. I am planing to start the Gym on September to build muscle and maybe get to 160. Thank you for all your advice, people always ask me what I did and I send them a link to your facebook page.

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