Thank you Dr. Berg and friends for all the info and lifesaving advice.

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I am a Physician Assistant experienced with Harm Reduction Practice and NCD care for over 12 years in Malaysia. I was taught the basic nutrition concept during my training, which suffices to say, is old school and backdated. At the end of 2017, after experiencing a blackout during a cross-country cycling event, I decided to test my blood. I was obese, with a height of 170 cm and 104kg of weight since 1997, and never was successful in reducing my weight. My capillary blood sugar was 12, and I know I may be in a Pre Diabetic state. My father passed away 8 months prior due to Diabetes at 64 years old, and due to complications of pneumonia secondary to his Diabetes Type 2. I know I had to do something, but I had been exercising like crazy and restricting daily calories, but nothing works. It all changes on the 20th of December 2017 when I stumbled upon a Youtube video detailing how Terry Crews adopted Intermittent Fasting and how it manages to make him even better physically. So I went and learn as much as I could, and sure enough, stumbled upon Dr. Berg's videos soon after. Being an avid learner, I spend hours and days, every day and every week, to Unlearn and Relearn the facts of health with the help of Dr. Berg's videos and many other physicians delving into Intermittent Fasting and Ketogenic Diet. Now it has been over 3 years and a complete change of lifestyle. Now I am good at 70kg. But weight really has never really been my concern. After much relearning and enjoying this new way of life, I tend to only concern with getting a routine of fasting suiting my daily life, let my stress be manageable, and concentrating on REAL foods daily. This is all thanks mostly to Dr. Berg and friends, which I could say, for the most part, is revolutionary and life-saving. Now, in Malaysia, I am heading a local fasting group (Facebook) called Intermittent Fasting Malaysia, where I taught hundreds and thousands of Malaysians on how to fast, how to do Ketogenic Diet the easy way (Asian plate), and getting lean/healthy for FREE. We had thousands of testimonials, and every day is a delightful experience for me. I felt honored to save more lives while being online than in my clinic. My only gripe now would be how long it would take for my Government to finally realize how fasting and low carb/keto can save them lots of money and treatment costs for each and every person. But considering due to 'their' sponsors and shareholders, which consist of the BIG names, I find it hard to even imagine such things to even be a realization. I guess the higher-ups would very much actually know of this. And so, I continue my path to educate my fellow countrymen and lead them to better health, even if I have to do it on the sideline. Thank you Dr. Berg and friends for all the info and lifesaving advice. I cannot thank y'all enough. (sidenote: due to the COVID19 situation in Malaysia, I am quite the busy man. But let me know if you want to have a conversation on Skype or mail me at [email protected]. Keep up the good work sir.)

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