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By: Amy Lampasona

I am a 58-y-o, woman. Heavy since 2nd grade. I have 4 children, by age 36. I had thyroid irradiation by age 36 too, due to hyper thyroid. Heartbeat 140 had become my normal, lending me right to bed. Uggg. Even then, with graves, no weight loss. Tried everything under the sun to lose. Finally when my sister introduced me to you, Dr Berg, and keto, I began to lose ~ 2 pounds a week! I started at 240#. And exactly 9 months later I am down 70#. I went from size 20 to twelve. Have not reached my goal yet. But, Wow, I have my life back. Not to mention, the pain I had is gone. I've been able to maintain the weight loss for 3 months, and am ready to lose a final 30#. Thanks to your support, I thank you and God for putting you in my life. My family has their mother back. Big hug. Amy My b4 pics are on a different device! And want to share it. So I may send another f/u to this. But trust me, my skin, hair and nails are incredible for my age now! And I still do take 200much thyroid. But no other meds. Period!

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