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By: David Maddock

I am 75 in April 2019 and in October 2017 the UK NHS asked me to do stand-ups and sit-downs in 30 seconds. Half way through they said this was amazing, you are siting down in 0.5 seconds and standing up in 0.5 seconds. After 30 seconds they said stop and I had done the magical 30 in 30 seconds. And I told the stand-by nurse my heart beat was at resting, she said I do not believe you, Felt my pulse rate and said that was amazing, you are right. David had his 20 year old constant heart beat heart back. Three years ago my lung capacity was 600 litres and one year ago my lung capacity was 700 litres per minute. I eat 400 grams of grass-fed UK CHEDDAR CHEESE every day to reduce acid attack of fruit and vegetables on my teeth. I have examined what sea water ocean whales do to age slowly. They drink phytoplankton blooms. But that has a one-to-one mathematical relationship which is the most powerful relationship going. One phytoplankton feeds One cell and allows the cell to rejuvenate itself. By supplying all the nutrients into the cell at the same time you allow the cell to rejuvenate itself. Now I suspect that during the 90 day growing cycle the phytoplankton manufactures H3O2 cell water. Converting H2O into H3O2 requires sunlight energy. The cell can hydrate itself and spare H3O2 used to wash out the old cell molecules. This can only take place when 67% growing minerals and 33% phytoplankton are used. Phytoplankton powder, or capsules have the H2O or H3O2 removed so are in my opinion useless. Also the phytoplankton cell wall in powder or capsules is damaged. I take OCEANS ALIVE phytoplankton farmed in Spain. Thank you for the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eD_O8LqvuOw

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