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By: Jennifer Shetler

I am 73, active and about 60# overweight. Have dropped 33# over the past 3 years and maintained. My weight is emotional and stress, caretaking my 98 year old mother for past 10 years. and being a single mom working at my own business. My son got me started listening to your videos and i do not remember when i was ever really hungry, just ate because i was taught 3 meals a day or 6 meals on a special diet.. but i always felt my best when i did not start eating till around noon after a good nights sleep. But unfortunatley i would then work all day and eat a late meal grazing for couple hours working or catchin g up on the news on TV. I started this diet three days ago and decided that what the hey... i have gone till noon without eating and lets get with it right off the bat.. ( sort of my nature). first day i ate at noon and again at 4pm, drank a lot of water in the evening when i emotionally thought of what i used to nibble on, then day 2 i got busy, did some exercising with upper body reps two sets of 10 reps for each one chest and bicep and tricep , and back exercises two sets of each , did some work and then realized i had not eaten 1st meal of the 2nd day was at 1:20pm 3 eggs, 4 cups of spinach sitrfired in 2 tsp of coconut oil and 1 cup of yellow and orange peppers., with 4 pieces of turkey bacon.. felt full and continued the day. finished my 2nd meal at 5:40pm consisting of 3.5 oz 93% hamburger pattie and one slice of reg bacon, 1 coup of zuchinin and 1 cup of spinach stir fried with 2 tsp co0cnut oil seaonings tumeric, garlic and salt. feeling like a few nuts to top it off when i finish this note to you.. You video said it takes about 3 weeks to get to this place.... am i rushing it... it feel a bit tired... pruned a couple bushes before dinner. will go to be around 10pm and get up around 8am.. My mother passes away in June and this is new way of eating and body burning conversion really appeals to me and my son is here to support me. I am going to buy bone broth and continue the upper body exercise and start chair yoga class and line dance class next week for three months at the senior center... figure that will get me through the flu episode. any suggestions...i am on this program for life... the next 30 or so.... my health is good with exception of the weight which i intend to remedy with your advice. Sincerely, Jennifer

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