Everybody are amazed by my progress!


By: nazem

I am 64 now and live in Jordan. I was classified as Type 2 Diabetes for more than 25 years. I knew about the awesome Dr. Eric Berg and his support team from a dear friend in the States. During the last 12 months of IF OMAD, and low carb food, and walking exercises my A1c was lowered from 10.1% to 6.0%. Further, the medications were lowered to more than 75% too. My doctors and family members were amazed by this progress. But unfortunately, long before complications, such as retina and vision decline had to be intervened by multi-surgeries. I must mention sincere thanks are due to God and to Dr. Berg for his continued awareness and educational videos. Due thanks too, to my dear friend in the States for the inspiration and helpful advice. Much Love, Nazem.

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