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By: Maria Lopez

I am 50 years old .I can not sleep well for 20 years, I am 136,8 pounds and 159 centimeter my immunology system was no ok ,I get herpes zoster one month ago,My mother is diabetic I am start read about and listen Dr. Berg them I was watching his video and reading a lot about keto. I came from Cuba just 2years ago.I was active looking for knowledge about diet, my hole life .I was trying to understand what happens to my body. 10 day ago ,I cut sugars and carbohydrates and get the best food I can follow dr. Berg videos. I need directions about the supplement and vitamins, please. I lost 5 pounds in just a week but I need to make sure I am in the right way. As a conscientious humans, my Goal is to get to sleep properly and be in good health at my 50 years.

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