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By: Edward P Rollf

I am 46 years old and had gained roughly 90lbs since a series of surgeries . High blood pressure, kidney damage, low testosterone under 200 ng/dl, prediabetic, and chronic gut/joint inflammatido, I was moving like a man twice my age halfway through my day and everything I ate said my gut miserable. Within 10 days of clean keto, my gut issues became nonexistent. I implemented time restricted eating once my water weight was normalized. Before the month was up, I had full mobility in my joints and was able to complete a 5k run. Blood pressure is stable and in a healthy range and T levels are in the mid 500 range. Weighed 275 lbs 1-11-2019 and an 210 lbs 5-18-2019. 20 lbs to go but I have yet to hit a plateau.

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