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I am down 63#.

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By: Pamela Davis

I am 46 y/o. I have hypothyroidism and premature ovarian failure. I started in July 2020. As I learned I would incorporate more into my diet. Including IF and I worked on increasing fasting time. I worked on picking up quality ingredients. Then I added ACV and nutritional yeast. I am down 63#. Currently at 5'6" and 143#. I have found that my acne, skin tags, ganglion cyst, plantar fasciitis and a recurrent dry skin patch have all gone away. I find that I am not very hungry anymore. No cravings. I have to make myself eat for the nutritional value. I still have some fat on by abdomen and upper arms. But I am very happy with my journey. People I work with come to me regularly for information, wanting to start their journey too.

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