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By: Assaf Zadok

I am 44 years old male of Israeli nationality, living and working in China for the past 15 years. I was always this roundish and fatty type of guy but never went really obbese. My weight was never below the 80kg. During 2010 when my weight was out of control and reached its peak at 94 kg and pants reached size of 48 and I started to get remarks bout my belly, I decided that time has come to make the change. At first I did what everybody else did: joined a gym, took a trainer and went by the mainstream. At first visible change was appearent but only for a certain amount of time. I thought that if I could train and eat like they teach you on those body building sites I could also become one of them models some day, well, besides steroids I did it all, tried anything, energy drinks, fat loss pills, protein powders, prepping meals, eating 6 times a day all the mainstream stuff i believed to be true. I spent 6 years of training too hard, stressing my body and ruining my health without even without noticing, and i got stuck on the 15-20% fat, I also suffered a high percentage of visceral fat. Couldn’t see my Abs. I took the long path hit a plateue and there was no visible change.. On Feb 2018 i quit my Job had time to stroll the Youtube, I bumped into one of Doctor Berg’s videos, at the beginning I thought, according to what he says, nothing is allowed, but then I watched some more and more videos and was overwhelmed by the presentation, science and research that were put into it. Soon I ditched TV and spent all my free time watching Dr Berg’s Channel and implementing what I found there. For the next 5 months course I have been doing intermittent fasting trying Keto and most important cleaning up my diet. Well the fat came off so quick, in a few months course I have seen 180 degrees change in my body that I haven’t seen for years, once the outer fat came off my visceral fat was next, I can clearly see my Abs now and my other muscles definition. But most important I have desined a way of life, clean diet, healthy customs, eating protocols and more. Even though I have not gone Keto all the way, I mostly used hardcore fasting protocols to transform my body, but my pants size went down to 30, and most of my pants I can’t wear anymore they’re too big. Thanks to Dr Berg I connected all the dots which led me to transform my body. I feel younger look better and have focused energy. Dr Berg became my mentor, most of what I eat, or prepare at home is from what I learnt from his videos. Given the opportunity I would love to be interviewed by Dr Berg in order to help the cause, I believe this can help many others who have been going through the same difficulties, I have lots of tips and methods from the experience I gained and the least I can do is share it with Dr Berg and his viewers as a gratitude of thanks for his free life transforming tutoring, videos and lectures.

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