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By: Michel Jourdain

I am 41 years old, and I am from the Island of Curaçao, been into sports since I was 6, did swimming, waterpolo, athletics, soccer, but my real passion was bodybuilding. But because of my responsibilities, marriage, kids, finances I could not persue it like I wanted to, did try but it was to stressfull. Tried to eat like a bodybuilder, tried all kinds of diets because of my waist line, untill my father was diagnosted with throat cancer. I went and researched the causes and possible cures and natural therapies, there is were I got to know you. I immidiately tried the Keto process combined with intermitting fasting, followed you so I could learn and help as much people that I can starting with ny self. Because of you I started to look at my Health first and then my physical appearance, and it all fall in to place after that. I learned from you that I am Fat Storing Hormonee resistant. Thank you Dr. Berg for being inspiring, and making me wanting to become better so I can help others to! Thank you so much!

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