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I have been involved with health and fitness for 45 years and most of it in natural bodybuilding. I used to eat typical 7 meals a day and typically low-fat high protein and carbs. I couldn't get past 4 hours without feeling hungry. My whole life was an imprisonment of constant food and anxiety. When I reached 51 I had enough and started to relax more my lifestyle. Aged 53, something truly amazing happened in my life. I and my wife noticed something else had happened right from within from the core. A few years later on and we both got the confirmation I am a Transgender woman! I completely understood and suddenly it all made sense. Changed my diet my life everything. Nearly 3 years ago I came across Dr. Berg on YouTube and despite my background and qualifications, it all made perfect sense I knew it'd be the ultimate guidance I needed. So as a conclusion, I started my weight as 95 kg 2021 65 kg but not only did Keto and intermittent fasting was the biggest change and help. My whole aspect of life and energy and health also improved. Most of my change is not on any hormones. I have started this only around 2 years ago. Myself my wife are still together and very happy. Thank you so much really grateful for all you do. Mrs. Britney 

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4727 keto success stories so far. Add yours and inspire others! Add your success story

4727 keto success stories so far. Add yours and inspire others!

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