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By: Joerg von Loebenstein

Hi, this is Joerg from Santiago, Chile (South America). I am 55 and 5' 11.5" (182 cm). I weighed 223 lbs (101 kg) in December 2018, when I came across Keto as explained by Zuzka Light (fitness personality). While looking at validation for Keto among so many "experts" who swear by different diets and criticize Keto out of pure ignorance, I came across Thomas DeLauer and then Dr. Berg. I follow Dr. Berg's advice closely because his approach towards Keto and IF is: - Safe. - Integral towards health. - Well fundamented and documented. - Fun. When I started doing Keto I made many mistakes and cheated a lot. It took me about 2 months to get it together. Now I weigh 92 kg (203 lbs) and am currently losing 1 to 2 pounds per week. I eat twice a day and fast 16 to 18 hours per day. My goal is to reach 80 kg (176 lbs). I nourish myself well and am much more satisfied having a luxurious complex multitasty meal per day than many tiny meals per day, as so many "diet experts" recommended in the past. I believe eating should be fun and enjoyable and colorful experience, and also an opportunity that gives you time to chat and bond and laugh with friends or family,. Keto and IF allow me to have just that, so nowadays I follow them naturally. When things are fun, you keep doing them, so one way to succeed at stuff is to make it fun. In December 2016 I was diagnosed with hip joint arthrosis and labral tear in and they wanted to replace my hips immediately. The third traumatologist I visited suggested that I started physical therapy along with no-impact exercise instead, to see the results and go from there, although he warned me that by the damage I already had, I would have get hip replacements sooner or later. After 1 month of physical treatment the pain became much more bearable and I slowly returned to my gym and bike routines. Now I also ski 15 days a year because I am a huge ski fan, though I do it in a leisurely way. No jumps or bumps or anything crazy. My exercise options are limited to no-impact, no sprints, no heavy squats and no dead weight anymore. This is bad because I appreciate the value of intense exercise way above cardio as a means to keep strength, impulse and high testosterone levels, Since I started doing Keto + IF, my hip pain has all but disappeared, and my strength, stamina and libido have been going up consistently, so it seems like a good (partial) compensation for what I cannot do because of my hips. I have the general feeling that my body is much more able to self-heal now that I am giving it what it needs, and not poisoning it with carbs and requent meals. On the mental side, I have recovered my old ability to focus and visualize complex things as an engineer. So in a nutshell, my success has been multidimensional and way beyond losing weight. I am thankful beyond words. I'm your biggest fan and I am fully available to recommend and support you.

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