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By: John Cahill

Hi Over the years I gradually started putting on weight. My diet was very poor. So a typical day would mean Breakfast at 430 am usually cereal. I then go into work and often drink a can coke and have a packet of crisps, sometimes I have tea and flapjack . As I work with people with Autism I often go to a cafe and have something like an Omelette with Chips (french fries) I then go home and have a stir fried chicken with vegetables and rice My first realisation was that I was addicted to sugar. So completely cut out soft drinks and crisps. This was actually the hardest part I had serious withdrawal symptoms and cravings that took a month to calm down. But I knew it was an addition so I stayed focused. I thought simply this would be enough to lose weight so I kept having breakfast and the same lunch and evening meal. I then saw a picture of me I been avoiding this but I knew then it had to change I now had the same motivation to change my diet. I researched weight loss, spoke to a friend who had some interesting views on weight loss who told me I had to skip breakfast. He said I should watch videos on Intermittent fasting to understand weight loss. So I did just that. Next day I started my diet Which now looks like this No breakfast just a pint of water sometimes with freshly lemon and lime sometimes cinnamon, sometimes coconut oil and sometimes just water. I do not eat till about 12 I usually have chicken salad meal, sometimes I have Nandos Chicken with corn instead of chips, I have my next meal by 1630 and this would be chicken with vegetables or some eggs or some fish instead of the chicken. To be honest I found this diet change quite easy I no idea how much weight I lost as not been weighing myself. I just measure myself by belt sizes now gone down 3 notches and strap links to my watch. I told no one else I was going on diet as this was for me. Gradually people started to notice. Not only was I fitting into old clothes I had out grown people also said that it was like I was detoxing I still not got rid of all my belly fat but no way I am going back to my previous diet. I no longer enjoy carbs like I used to. I still eat them from time to time and do not worry as I know I am back on my new eating regime. For me it is a complete lifestyle change. that is now part of my life, how I will look in a years time I have no idea but I am interested to see as still losing weight

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